2019 / 3 min

Yearning For Turning – Vol. IX


We’re back with our annual instalment of the YFT series! With "Volume 9 – Homecoming” we celebrate another great season of turning on snow in the Swiss mountains. A strong winter made for excellent conditions almost everywhere we went, but in the end there’s no place like home! After returning from a lengthy trip to Japan, we called up our friends and hit up our favorite local resorts for some good old twisting and turning. The surroundings here in the Alps never cease to amaze us, and sliding down the slopes with the homies is a gift we deeply appreciate. Volume 9 pays homage to all the things near and dear to us – dreamy powderfields, freshly groomed corduroy, wavy snowparks, and the consequent smiles and high-fives. To all of the above, we’re grateful and say thank you!


Featuring: Nicholas Wolken, Lars Popp, Gabriele Torriani, James Niederberger, Raphael Rocha, Thomas Stöckli, Ivo Florin

Filmed by: Aaron Schwartz, Christoph Thoresen, Mathias Wittwer
Editor: Lukas “Blume” Rösli
Graphic Design: Aaron Schwartz
Music Supervisor: Florent De Maria /

“Agent 08”
Performed by FLUT
Courtesy of Seayou Records

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