Proform Program


The focus of this program is to offer discounts for snowboard instructors, guides and coaches, as well as resort and shop employees. We would like to give back to those who work towards inspiring and influencing the snowboarding community everyday. In return, it’s our hope that those who ride our boards become lifelong KORUA fans and help us grow and prosper in the snowboard community!


Log into our store and start shopping at discounted rates.


To be eligible, you must:

  • Reside in an approved country for online shopping.
  • Use our equipment as part of your primary employment (ie. snowboard instructor or mountain guide); OR
  • Work in a retail shop that is an authorized KORUA dealer; OR
  • Work for one of our pre-approved outdoor industry partners.

As part of the registration process, you will need to provide documentation showing industry credentials, certifications, and proof of current employment. For Snowboard Instructors applying, please note that you must have a minimum Level 2 CSIA/CASI, BASI, or an equivalent ISIA qualification, or a national certification to qualify for our ProForm Program.

Once your status is approved, you will receive a notification from KORUA to log into our online store with your new ProForm account.

Important! To assign you to our ProForm program, you already need to be a registered user of our online shop (register here). Approval of all applications are subject to our discretion. ProForm status will need to be renewed each year.


  • ProForm Membership is a privilege and should be respected and used with discretion.
  • Personal Use - Products purchased through the KORUA ProForm Program are for personal use only. Any person found attempting to resell or re-distribute products purchased through the KORUA ProForm Program will be removed from the program. If you have friends or family interested in KORUA products, please refer them to our regular online store.
  • Renewal - All memberships will be reviewed/renewed annually based on your current work status.
  • Respect Retailers - Please respect the time and in-store inventory of KORUA retailers. We at KORUA are more than happy to talk to you about our boards if you have questions.
  • Limitations - Your Pro status discount will apply to 2 solid snowboards (classic, plus, or concept), 1 splitboard, and select apparel annually. No additional items can be purchased at a Pro discount until the following year. Pro status discounts cannot be combined with any other offer or discount on
  • Shipping - Our standard shipping policies and rates apply.
  • Returns - Our standard return policies apply.
  • ABUSE OF THE PROFORM PROGRAM - Will lead to you and your organization being removed from the Korua proform program. Proform status is at Korua's sole discretion.

Apply to our proform program

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