A Swallow Tail From The Future

The Dart is inspired by classic retro powder shapes, but it’s built with a modern twist. It may have a very powder-oriented aesthetic at first glance, but it’s actually a highly versatile ripper for slaying turns both on and off-piste. It’s the perfect shape for riders who are looking to focus on their turning style, while driving out of turns with speed in all types of snow conditions.

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The wide frame, setback and taper offer maximum float and a relaxed riding experience in deep powder. The extra width also reduces toe and heel drag on groomers, enabling you to go low when carving. The deep swallow tail is playful when releasing out the back in soft snow, while also allowing a tighter radius at the end of your turns.

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Turning Style
Drawn Out
The Details

The Dart features our FLOAT CAMBER, which curves into a rocker shape in the nose. This profile helps you stay on top in deep powder while maintaining speed throughout the turn. The camber under-foot offers grip and stability on hard-pack and in variable conditions, while the early rise in the nose allows for an easy initiation of turns.

Optional: We recommend trying to ride this shape with more weight on the front foot. 

Length (cm)140152156160164
Effective Edge (mm)  *A*10501160120012301270
Running Length (mm)9301010105010901130
Nose Width (mm)  *B*301311322328336
Waist Width (mm)  *C*252260269274280
Tail Width (mm)  *D*273284294300308
Avg. Sidecut Radius (m)8,18,18,28,38,4
Setback (mm)2040404040
Taper (mm)1827282828
Recommended Stance (cm)5452535353
Adjust. Stance Range (cm)49-6348-56
Board Weight (kg)2,52,72,933,2
Switch RidingChallengingChallengingChallengingChallengingChallenging

Biaxial fiberglass, UV laquer topsheet, poplar light wood core, and a high-end perlatec base is the tried-and-tested combination of our durable materials we use to enable that perfect turn.

This chart shows the range in what each size can handle. It is never our intention to categorize riders and their preferences. Our philosophy of snowboarding is to try new shapes, lengths, widths, and to keep an open mind for alternative riding experiences; however, we do have some limits to consider so that your board will work as it was designed to.

Your weight plays a major role in how the board will flex, and your shoe size will affect toe and heel drag when turning. The below size chart is for reference only, as our recommendations may vary depending on your stance and riding ability.

Size (cm)Max Boot Size (EU)Max Boot Sole Length (cm)Rider Weight Range (kg)Max Rider Height (cm)
1404129.6 cm40 - 60 kg168 cm
1524430.4 cm50 - 80 kg178 cm
1564631.4 cm55 - 90 kg185 cm
1604832.3 cm65 - 95 kg195 cm
1645033.3 cm65 - 95 kg195+ cm



Spencer O’Brien – Dart 156
Height & Weight: 170cm, 72kg
Boot size & Stance: EU 40 / US 9 women’s, regular, +12 / -9 (-3 or 6 if pow board), width 21.5 inches / 54cm
Bindings: Union Team / Union Expedition

Marko Reck – Dart 156
Height & Weight: 183cm, 75 kg
Boot size & Stance: EU 43/ US 10, regular, +21 / 0 width 55cm (very long legs ; )
Bindings:Union Atlas /Karakoram Prime

Atsufumi Mizuno – Dart 156
Height & Weight: 170cm 71kg
Boot size & Stance: EU 43 / US 9, +27° +12° regular 50cm wide
Bindings: Flux XV, Karakoram SP

Thomas Stöckli – Dart 160
Height & Weight: 171cm, 70kg
Boot size & Stance: EU 43 / US 9 goofy, +27 / +12, width 50cm
Bindings: Union, Flux, Spark

James Niederberger – Dart 160
Height & Weight: 178 cm, 75kg
Boot size & Stance: EUR 43 / US 10, +25 / +5, width 50-52cm
Bindings: Union Team / Spark

Runar Hjorleifsson – Dart 160
Height & Weight: 184cm, 70kg
Boot size & Stance: EU 43 / US 9.5, regular, +30 / +5, width 48cm centered
Bindings: Union T-Rice, Spark Arc

Nicholas Wolken – Dart 164
Height & Weight 177cm, 67kg
Boot size & Stance: EU 42 / US 8.5 regular, changing positive angles and stances
Bindings: Union Team, Flux XV, Spark, Phantom