2023 / 4 min

KORUA & Album - Drawing Parallels Part 2

Album Surf x Korua Shapes presents “Drawing Parallels”, a three part short film series about a creative collaboration, drawing the parallels between surf and snow.

After maintaining a healthy online friendship for a while – based on mutual inspiration and admiration for each others brands and aligned values of aesthetics, craftsmanship, and standing sideways – we finally linked up with Matt Parker (Founder, Album Surf) and his sons Jack and Max on a stormy day in Brighton, Utah early in 2022. (Side note: Jack and Max are both absolute shredders). Chairlift banter that day led to brainstorming ideas further down the line, and we eventually landed on the idea of a creative collaboration, where Matt would create a series of custom artwork on Korua snowboards, and Aaron Schwartz (Creative Director, Korua Shapes) would run the same program on Album surfboards. Instead of producing a batch of printed graphics, these boards would become an offering in highly limited quantities, each board being 100% one-of-a-kind, something of an art collectors item, partially to be sold online, and some to be kept for our own enjoyment on snow and in the water, with the whole project documented by the talented Matt Kleiner. Somewhere in the back of our heads the intent was also to find any excuse to meet up in places we could both surf and snowboard together.

Part Two // May 2023
Nicholas (Wolken) and Aaron joined the Album family once again in San Clemente, CA and made their way straight up to Mammoth Mountain with Matt, Mike, Chris, Max, Hunter, Kleiner and Steve to put some of the art boards on snow. A shorter mission this time around, a handful of days were spent cruising the slushy slopes of Mammoth, capturing the spring vibes on the hill with our fresh decks strapped to our feet. We capped off the short trip with a day at Trestles, where one of the art surfboards caught its first waves under Matt’s feet.

KORUA Album Collab Snowboards on snow in Mammoth

All remaining surfboards and snowboards are available for purchase via the Album website. You can now find some limited run collab apparel available for sale on our site too. Quantities are limited, so make sure you get 'em before they run out as they will not be re-produced.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Design - Matt Kleiner

Principal Cinematographer - Steve Morisette

Starring - Nicholas Wolken, Matt Parker, Aaron Schwartz

Music - The Soundcarriers – Cocteau Twins

KORUA x Album Collab - Nicholas riding the board in mammoth and matt doing the artwork
KORUA x Album Collab - riding artist snowboards in mammoth
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